i’m gonna rock im gonna rock dont say no

Ladies and gentlemen… live from the world-famous Apollo Theater… in Harlem, New York. ¿Are you ready? Por favor welcome Mr. Chris Rock!

What’s up… ¿New York? There’s Brooklyn in the house. Well, I’m from Brooklyn. Shit, look at this. White people are up top tonight. You know, Y eres justo en mi hotel, tras unos días, en mi forma de haber… and I got in the elevator, right? Se me da el ascensor… y estas 2 high-school white boys try para conseguir en mí… and I just dove off. Y said, ”Y’all ain’t killing me!” Y am scared of young white boys. If you white and under 21 I am running for the hills. What the hell is wrong with these white kids shooting up the school? They don’t even wait till 3 o’clock either. Killing people in the morning. That ain’t right. The Trenchcoat Mafia. ”No one will play with us. ”We have no friends. We’re the Trenchcoat Mafia.” Hey, I saw the yearbook pictures. It was six of them. Y didn’t have seis friends in high school. Y don’t got six friends now. Shit, that’s three-on-three with half court. What the hell is wrong with these kids? Y got people telling me, ”Come on, Chris. Come up to a school. Talk to the kids.” Y me like, ”Fuck the kids! ”Do you got a vest? Maybe I’ll think about it.” Everybody wants to know what the kids se listening to. What kind of music was they listening to? Oro, ¿de qué manera qué movies fué ido? Who gives a fuck what they was watching? ¿Whatever happened to crazy? What happened to crazy? What, you cánido’t be crazy no more? Did we eliminate ”crazy” from the dictionary? Fuck the records. Fuck the movies. ¡Crazy! When I was a kid, se emplea para dividir el crazy kids de everybody. When I está en kid, el crazy kids está en la escuela en el maligno ómnibus. Este had en clase en el end de la escuela… y se usa para conseguir la escuela en 2:30. Just in case they went crazy… they would only hurt other crazy kids. And we was all safe. We was all safe. Damn, el world’s coming to an end. You’ll have little white kids saying: ”l want to go to black school where it’s safe.”

Declare que scientific research es el mosto “sing-along-able” song es, es, no, no te deseo que se everybody se lleve a los lyrics to que en’s 70 ”. Scientists ha provenido que este Queen tradicional hit es catchiest song of all time po observing thousands de voluntarios subjects sing along to a thousand songs. Asimismo se debe “We Are The Champions” pulsado en los 4 elementos de elementos que precisan para song to be “catchy”. Estos elementos tienen dentro: long and detailed musical phrases, multi pitch changes in songs ‘hook’, male vocalists and higher male voices en la Freddie Mercury. That’s why it es su muy fun belt de chorus de este chinch whenever we hear it, no matter where we are, or how old (or young) we get. Song es su successful, es inducido del Grammy Hall of Fame y que vota al planeta’s favorite song en 2005.

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